SILCOLORS, belonging to the group CONIEX SA, has over 35 years of experience in developing technical Silicones for industrial applications. With a high level of Expertise, the company develops silicone formulations for all kinds of applications and industries.

To better serve our customers, we created SILCOLORS, the exclusive brand for silicones MASTER BATCH, which uses technical and production structure of the CONIEX group.


In 1977, the company EXINTE SL was founded with the purpose of developing, manufacturing and servicing the HTV silicone sector.
The company’s core business was the specialization on the formulation of silicone elastomers for the industry and also to the field of Centrifugal Casting (or Spin Casting).
In 1988, the company was enlarged and transformed into QUÍMICA 2, SL with the same aims and objectives, reaching market shares of 80% in Spain.
At that time, the manufacturing of Master Batch for silicone elastomers was extensively used for internal applications.
In 1999 the division of technical silicones (Mix & Fix) was sold to Rhodia SA and the division of silicones for the Centrifugal Casting (Casting Spin) was acquired by CONIEX, SA.
In 2000, the manufacturing activity of Masterbatch is resumed for BLUSTAR Silicones and other customers in the Spanish market.
The production resumes improving product functionality and compliance with all food contact regulations.
In 2015, the brand SILCOLORS was created as a business unit inside CONIEX Group, following new market demands and helping the brand’s international expansion.